The Buffalo House

Our Mission

We recognize the need for a productive, recovery oriented community. We strive to provide an organized, safe environment for those who are facing the challenges of recovery from the diseases of alcoholism and addiction. We encourage real-life endeavors and dreams.

We acknowledge the necessity of a positive sense of self and individuality. We create an atmosphere that promotes community and support the development of healthy recovery relationships that often lead to renewed relationships with families and significant others.

We acknowledge and recognize the essential roles of detoxification treatment programs as the foundation of recovery. Once completed each one of us is now prepared to reside in a sober living transitional environment or half way house. It is at Buffalo House that our residents put into practice the tools of recovery embraced during treatment.

Our Team

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Our Program

  1. Attend the weekly house meeting, which includes a 12 step big book study group.
  2. Active participation in Alcoholic Anonymous, including at least four meetings weekly.
  3. Mandatory 12 step sponsorship with required face to face weekly meetings.
  4. Employment of at least 32 hours per week, or be a full time student.
  5. Committed to at least one weekly service commitment at A.A./N.A. meeting preferably a home group.
  6. Maintain both personal and community living space that is reflective of respect of one's self and our community.
  7. A commitment to focus on establishing personal growth and gain a relationship within, without distraction, for a period of time determined by our sponsors

Contact Us

Please bare with us while we undergo a website transition and call 651-209-0780 to get in contact